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Online School of Evangelization (Now available on iPad, iPhone, Flash and beyond)

Welcome to our new site - old site will remain up for just a little while longer.  The new site is now available on your mobile devices - iPad, iPhone, Android phones, your 3G, and 4G smart phones. Registration capability is in the works. Enjoy the school!

Good News Ministries is now Apostolic Society Good News of Divine Mercy.  Welcome to our online school of evangelization with 33 years of compiled teachings.  Whether you are wanting to be a lay evangelist or simply want to learn more about your faith. We invite you to participate in this online school.  It is totally free and we encourage you to pass it on.  If you are interested in donating to this effort, we definitely appreciate your support.  DVDs of the online video classes are also available.  To get in touch with us, please go to our "contact us" page. Click the logo below to learn more.

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We are Catholic Evangelists.  We provide Parish Missions, Schools of Evangelization, Retreats, Seminars, and now our online school.

Charlie & Jeanne Osburn Co-founders of Good News Ministries, Pensacola, FL

YOU are a unique, one of a kind, an original masterpiece, son or daughter of the most high God, created in his likeness and image. There will never be another like you! No one can do the work that God has called you to do. God Loves you!