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Catholic Online School of Evangelization - Lesson 6: The Key is Understanding

Praise the Lord and welcome to Lesson 6.  Simply follow the text instructions written below. If you should have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

Prayer - Lord Jesus, please give us the key to understanding now that we know who we are and what we believe.  Reveal to me your will for my life - Amen.

Fear and Love
Did you know that the opposite of Love is fear?  Let us describe some of the key aspects of each or the fruit

Love: Patient, Kind, willing to suffer without a desire to retaliate, turns the other cheek, humble.

Fear: Anger, hate, jealousy, arrogant, apathetic, anxiety.

I would like to repeat the words with which I began my ministry as Bishop of Rome and Pastor of the universal Church; "Do not be afraid! Open, indeed, open wide the doors to Christ! Open your hearts, your lives, your doubts, your difficulties, your joys and your affections to his saving power, and let him enter your hearts. "Do not be afraid! Christ knows what is in man. He alone knows it". I said this on 22 October 1978. I repeat it with the same conviction, with the same force today, seeing the hope of the Church and of the world shining in your eyes. Yes, let Christ govern your lives; serve him with love. To serve Christ is freedom! --Pope John Paul II



Answer the following questions for yourself:

What is apathy?

What are some things in your life that you fear?

What can I do to overcome my fears?

If you can answer these questions, you are ready to go onto the next lesson.